Không đề

Chả biết đặt là gì. Thôi thì không đề cho dễ :-). Mai là ngày cuối còn được yên ổn ở nhà. Tuần sau phải vào tù rồi. Khổ thế đấy :-). Giờ QP, nhìn 12ers lũ lượt kéo nhau về, trong lòng có một nỗi buồn không hề nhẹ, tự nhủ thầm: “Tuần sau […]

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Summer Days

Imagine it’s summer, you’re lying on the beach with a coconut, wearing bikini, with lovely sunglasses and a tanned skin, enjoying the pleasure and thinking, “This is what I call paradise.” How wonderful and perfect is that! Well, it happens every year, but not this year to me 😦 Instead of a three-month vacation, it […]

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Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I could live in my own dream, do things I want to do, like when I was a small girl who lived a pinky life, didn’t need to worry about anything but having fun with friends and my imaginary world. After 10 years, at the age of 17, a teenager […]

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HPBD KhanhMei Etic

To: A new friend of mine. Well, we’ve known each other for not long ago, in summer. I was impressed with your photos on fb and I think it’s pretty cool, especially about Exo. Your bias is Luhan, and mine is Xiumin. It sounds stupid but I think I have the courage to comment your […]

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The Beginning

This is the first post I’ve ever written since I created this blog. Well, I just didn’t have time and I’m too shy to write something about myself. Like now. At first, I thought of opening this blog as a place where I could follow bloggers I like. But somehow I think it’s great to have […]

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