Letters to My Heart

:\ Well, nothing new, just my weekly routine to write something about another week that had passed by. Interesting yet funny things did happen to me last week. First, my friend got mad at me and I had to say sorry to her for my indecisiveness. Well, I didn’t know it was that dangerous, though I know I am a typical Libra -_- Frankly speaking, sometimes I feel annoyed by myself. Tsk tsk, I don’t know what to do anymore. Luckily, everything is fine now, and I promise, sincerely promise, from the deepest of my heart, I will never do that again. Everything is back to where they are, so there’s no need to worry about what they will be. However, I still need to be careful with this thing next time I’m about to decide something. My heart is very obstinate. It doesn’t listen to me everytime I want it to, and that disturbs me a lot. Sometimes I feel like too emotional, and I hate that. I almost cry everytime something wrong happens. Jesus christ, I hate myself a lot. I should have known what to do everytime something wrong happens. It’s just like, I lose all my directions, my conciousness, my decisiveness,… All of them have gone away. I’m like a little baby who needs to be pampered, protected from all the dirt and evil in this planet. I can’t even know what I’m writing now. I think I should stop writing right now and try to mend my brain again 😀

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