I’m getting older than my real age!

Sounds strange! I’m only 17, and my birthday is about to come, so I almost turn 18. However, looking back at my old post, I feel like an old-fashioned lady in her early 50s. People around me said the same. They always complain about how old I am when talking about things, my fashion, my attitude towards gossips,… Geez, mind your business, people! I like listening to music alone when no one is around, sitting by myself when my friends aren’t with me, eating without caring about my weight, hate posting status on Facebook ’cause I don’t like to complain too much,… What I want to say is, I’m trying to get my life done without any problems. It’s OK if you say that I’m old, I’m totally fine with it, it’s just you don’t understand my life motto. I’m just me. I’m neither someone, nor anyone. Neither do I like crowds, nor noisy places. I love rainy days in which I can stay home with my mother, chat with her like we haven’t met for ages 🙂 I don’t like talking too much to people with whom I don’t get along well, just because I like being myself to myself. I wear old-fashioned clothes which are completely new, though it seems like they’ve been bought for years, and that they’re casual. I’m a fat lady, that’s fine, ’cause I’m not the only one. Marshmallow girls, that’s what we’re called in Japan. How cute, isn’t it? In my opinion, it’s not bad when you want to lose weight, but I never force myself to do such a thing, at least not now. My mom always complains about how much I eat, and she even stops me from eating too much. I know my limit and I try not to go over it. I don’t like changing too much. I’m used to living like this. In fact, it’s not a good thing if everything just stays the same. But I prefer complete peace to the continually changing life out there. The new world maybe fascinating, but I’ll leave it till I fully grow up with the stuffs I need. Not exactly look like the “nerd” who are keen on studying every single second, I’m pretty lazy (old lazy lady 😀 ). This is the last highschool year of mine before I take the graduation exams to get to the university. A tough yet memorable year for me. All I hope is this old lady will pass her graduation year and get to a wonderful university in which she can find a better environment for her study career. What if she can go abroad? Who knows? 😐

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