[18/02/2015] I’m back (temporarily)

Hellooooooooo there, I’m back (temporarily)! Guess what, I’m on my vacation! Yass! Well I just love the atmosphere here! Lunar New Year *screaming* Holy you guys don’t really know how I expect these days will come. Finally. Anyway, it’s a long time since I last posted something up here (for about… a month? LOL I seriously don’t know) Last year was a true suffer for me (or anyone else. We have at least one, right?) Heard of the disasters back then. I just hope everything will be OK. In these cases you just can’t blame anyone. We all don’t want them to happen, right? Of course, but who knows? They’re all in heaven now, and I’m pretty sure they’ll feel happy if the world stops racism, terrorism,… such things. I’m not very interested in these stuffs, as it’s super mind-blown when thinking about it. It’s a little too late to say “Happy New Year” at this time, but don’t worry, I’ll save it for the next days ^^ I heard about the Grammy as well, hmm, just recently. Sam Smith got most of them all, and anyway, congratulations for what you’ve done last year. It’s truely amazing. And it’s great just too see you hug my Gaga (the infamous Mother Monster ^^) Good thing for both of you, and for the others as well. And Gaga, my woman, you’re finally engaged. So proud of you 😥 Hope you’ll get married soon. Love you and your fiance. You both look great. Such a wonderful love story, huh? Anyway, new year with a new look, new luck (I hope), and new success too. All of you! For me, I only wish one thing, that I’ll graduate from high school, not with high score, I just want to graduate. Cheers! *throw homework away* *drink some alcohol* Kidding, I’m not old enough 😀