Learning new languages

My major in college is Trading English (which I’m not really sure about what kind of jobs I will get in the future). My whole twelve years of learning just English gave me one precious lesson: Do not ever learn too much, just keep focus on one thing. It’s true, at least for me. I’m […]

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Something about Pinterest

I started using Pinterest for about a year ago, and after that time I completely didn’t care much about it until I was too bored to do anything else. It’s a little embarassing to say that I only remembered about Pinterest when I completely had nothing else to do. But then I found some interesting […]

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[Twoshot] HoeHyuk và hậu MMA (1)

Written by: Snowman loves the Sun Length: Twoshot Rating: G Pairing: HoeHyuk, một chút HoeHwan, BinChan, YunChan, BobHwan Warning: Đ.Ụ.C T.H.U.Y.Ề.N. Chỉ có thế thôi :3 A/N: thuyền HoeHyuk đã bị bắn cho chìm một cách không thương tiếc. Goo Junhoe đồ mặt cá trê, mầy được lắm 😥 tau ngược chết mầy. Anyway, cái […]

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I skipped class today

Well, obviously it’s not a thing worth bragging about, but I have a special reason today. Okay let me make out some points for you. First of all, today is “Teachers’ Day”. Oh wait, no, 20/11 is “Teachers’ Day”. But my school celebrated it earlier than expected. It’s simply used to show students’ respect towards […]

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