For a not-so-beautiful Sunday morning

I feel tired of this life. Okay, seriously, I always feel tired. About everything. Family, school life, housework,… Nothing ever felt so good to me ever since I understood anything. I don’t wish to have a fabulous life like many other kids in the world, because it seems so luxurious to me. I just want a normal, completely normal life. But other people around me don’t think so. They think my life is insane, abnormal, and that I need to change. Okay, here’s the point, what do I have to change? If you say that liking K Pop and other things is abnormal, so, okay, goodbye world, I’ll go die now.

One thing is, I completely don’t understand why people like sticking into each other’s business. WTF with all your business here? Mind yours, dumbass. I just got scolded by calling my mom “kitty”, which I thought pretty cute. For what? What have I done so wrong? What the heck is wrong with them? Turning off like a crazy one day and after that talked like nothing ever happened, without any apology. Really nigguh? I didn’t really mean anything about swearing too much here, because if you don’t like, I don’t make you do it. Every single week, on the weekends, there are fights between me and mom. Sometimes for nothing. I tried to calm down but she didn’t. She acted like an overprotective mom who is trying to make everything under her control. She never understands that feeling, because she’d never been controlled by anyone, or she’d been controlled too much that she really wanted to control everything to feel safe. I still hate that anyway. I understand why my brother left home after all the time he’d been through, though it was his fault in some aspects. But I won’t act that way, at least not now. I still need somewhere to shelter when I’m drowned. But when I get older, I know I won’t stay with her any longer. She gets creepier when she’s older, and I really can’t stand one day living in a house with tons of fights and quarrels and scream and shout. It’s stressing.

For a not-so-beautiful Sunday morning when I just got scolded for doing nothing wrong.

10 thoughts on “For a not-so-beautiful Sunday morning

  1. well…This is life…….But do remember a thing…I actually learnt that from watching that Cartoon “Ed,EDD and EDDY…Double Dee says “One man’s treasure is another man’s trash”…..
    So what life you like…another person is probably tired of it…and while you’re tired of your life……anotherone out there just wants a life like you…so chill Dude…… your life B-)


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