I skipped class today

Well, obviously it’s not a thing worth bragging about, but I have a special reason today. Okay let me make out some points for you. First of all, today is “Teachers’ Day”. Oh wait, no, 20/11 is “Teachers’ Day”. But my school celebrated it earlier than expected. It’s simply used to show students’ respect towards their teachers. So this year is the first year that I’ve ever come back to my old school. Actually I like the last 3 years more than ever. Not that I don’t like my other four years in secondary school, I’m just not interested in going back to my old secondary school. I feel lost going back there. I don’t get along well with too many people there. In fact, I don’t like most of them. They kept making fun of my appearance. Only a few of them played with me just because I liked K Pop like them. But I don’t care anymore. It’s actually just got better on grade 12, when I met all my old friends in my class. They don’t care about the appearance, well, at least they don’t pick up on me. I don’t like making up, wearing too much powder, or lipsticks, or mascara, or whatever. I like being natural. Besides, I think my skin will get worse if I make up, that’s all. I still look ugly, or maybe uglier when I wear make up, I’m serious, though some of my friends said that I wasn’t that bad. But I realized that I had learned a lot from them, though I still can’t get throuh my shyness and laziness.

Anyway, I skipped class today, which is shameful for me because I’ve never skipped any class in my entire life, except when I’m too sick. But it’s for an important occassion, so it’s fine, I think 😀 I’m trying to become a keen student to get through my 4 years of boredome, and make some new friends too. Life is getting more positive, except when I’m too negative to think about that 😀

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