Irrelevant things

Sometimes in my useless life, once again, my feelings are dug up from deep apart, from the place I thought I would never want to remember. Or at least never want to mention. Somehow, I feel better not to have emotions. The problem is, there are emotional people around me, and by this or that, they keep complaining about how I became heartless. Well, in that case, thanks for the compliments. Living in the insults and prejudices long enough to know that I will get used to them, or, choose to ignore them and keep minding my own businesses. I know it sounds irrelevant. Of course it does, I don’t tend to make it opposite.

It’s important to know what you’re doing, or at least, what you’re planning. It’s been so long since I really started to actually write something meaningful, and somehow my work has become worse than it used to. I didn’t go through hard things to actually know whether they can really knock me down or not, but I still believe that I will finally learn something in life. I know it’s really too late to actually appreciate the time I had at school, but I learned a lot (except for teamwork, that’s my least favorite part).

But first, I really need to set up my mind to get prepared for what will come at the exams. I’m coming so close to the deadline and still haven’t studied anything. Pass the exams and then to the plans I guess. Hope things go well the next few weeks.

P/S: Don’t mind about the title. It’s actually irrelevant.