Christine (2016)

Another movie found by chance (among many other great movies). Before being addicted so deeply into the movie, the characters, and even the real-life event that the movie was based on, I had no idea who Christine was. It’s just a name, it could be anyone’s name, clearly, in this movie, it talked about a woman named Christine. I watched right in the middle of the movie, but luckily I was still able to understand what it was talking about. I could have passed it even before I reached the ending. But I didn’t. I wasn’t bluffing when I said that I was gradually fascinated by the title, as much as I ever was by Miss Sloane. The plot, the scenes, the acting, everything was great. Until I was hit with a twist. Christine shot herself with a gun while broadcasting live. I cried nonstop watching the scene. Tragic, yet heartbreaking. I was left speechless. A good and brave movie about a person who had done so much in her life. Still, I was so fortunate to watch such a good piece of art. Ten out of ten for such a great masterpiece.


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