[Useless Tips] How to feel positive

Note: As “social distancing” has been trending lately, I will start a written series called “Useless Tips”. Of course they are “useless” (although some may not), “bullsh*t” and they will be tagged as “just4fun”. Literally. They’re bland but I hope to add some salt in your life. No offend. Just be positive. Hang out with […]

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Buồn của Tết

Gần mực thì đen Gần Tết thì té xe Coi như Tết này toang toàn tập 🙂 (Lại) định biên một bài về 7749 lý do tại sao mình lại ship những chiếc thuyền ngoài xa bao gồm cả chiếc thuyền Chiến Bác tôi vừa chèo dù đẹo xem phinh đọc truyện con mẹ giề […]

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What am I even trying for?

This was what I wrote on my Facebook wall this morning. The question popped out of my head naturally, as I realized that this could be the hardest time (of all the hard times back then and later) of my entire life. I have never been this frustrated. School things, internship, tuition fees, my unfinished […]

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Christine (2016)

Another movie found by chance (among many other great movies). Before being addicted so deeply into the movie, the characters, and even the real-life event that the movie was based on, I had no idea who Christine was. It’s just a name, it could be anyone’s name, clearly, in this movie, it talked about a […]

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