What am I even trying for?

This was what I wrote on my Facebook wall this morning. The question popped out of my head naturally, as I realized that this could be the hardest time (of all the hard times back then and later) of my entire life. I have never been this frustrated. School things, internship, tuition fees, my unfinished certificates, the fear of graduating late, or maybe not graduating,… They make me want to cry sometimes, but I’m just too ignorant to do so. I was being careless, honestly. My gray is becoming something that I don’t want to separate from. And sometimes I feel just good to cry without people noticing. But I’m exhausted. What am I even trying for? I’m not the girl 4 years ago when I first got into college. What I was afraid now has become the truth. I have become someone I never think I would be, which I think is quite reasonable considering the time I spent on other useless things. At this point, I have nothing to regret, except for being born. I don’t know how many times I imagine a family without a useless potato a.k.a me. And the people around me would have felt so much better.

So what am I even trying for? I don’t know. I don’t want to know.

Christine (2016)

Another movie found by chance (among many other great movies). Before being addicted so deeply into the movie, the characters, and even the real-life event that the movie was based on, I had no idea who Christine was. It’s just a name, it could be anyone’s name, clearly, in this movie, it talked about a woman named Christine. I watched right in the middle of the movie, but luckily I was still able to understand what it was talking about. I could have passed it even before I reached the ending. But I didn’t. I wasn’t bluffing when I said that I was gradually fascinated by the title, as much as I ever was by Miss Sloane. The plot, the scenes, the acting, everything was great. Until I was hit with a twist. Christine shot herself with a gun while broadcasting live. I cried nonstop watching the scene. Tragic, yet heartbreaking. I was left speechless. A good and brave movie about a person who had done so much in her life. Still, I was so fortunate to watch such a good piece of art. Ten out of ten for such a great masterpiece.