[Useless Tips] How to feel positive

Note: As “social distancing” has been trending lately, I will start a written series called “Useless Tips”. Of course they are “useless” (although some may not), “bullsh*t” and they will be tagged as “just4fun”. Literally. They’re bland but I hope to add some salt in your life. No offend. Just be positive. Hang out with […]

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What am I even trying for?

This was what I wrote on my Facebook wall this morning. The question popped out of my head naturally, as I realized that this could be the hardest time (of all the hard times back then and later) of my entire life. I have never been this frustrated. School things, internship, tuition fees, my unfinished […]

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Christine (2016)

Another movie found by chance (among many other great movies). Before being addicted so deeply into the movie, the characters, and even the real-life event that the movie was based on, I had no idea who Christine was. It’s just a name, it could be anyone’s name, clearly, in this movie, it talked about a […]

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