HPBD KhanhMei Etic

To: A new friend of mine.

Well, we’ve known each other for not long ago, in summer. I was impressed with your photos on fb and I think it’s pretty cool, especially about Exo. Your bias is Luhan, and mine is Xiumin. It sounds stupid but I think I have the courage to comment your photos. Well, that’s when our friendship begins :-). To be honest, you’re the 1st exotic I’ve known, and I like it. It’s your birthday today, so all I want to say is: HPBD my friend. Though I’ve never met you but I hope someday we will. Hope you will have a cheerful birthday and always smile no matter what happens. We both ship Xiuhan/Lumin and, sorry, goddamn it, it’s f**king awesome! 10375106_522052011253918_2813307573537734240_n

Well, it brought us together! 🙂

Thinking of you as a friend and an exotic is quite perfect, as we have the same hobbies.


Well, it’s all I can write for you on your birthday. A small draft to tell you what I think and, once again, “HPBD KhanhMei Etic!” :-).

Have a sweet birthday my friend! 🙂

P/S: Sorry for my horrible draft, I shouldn’t have written it this way. Anyway, have fun with your friends and family!