[28/08/2015] A taste with Starbucks

Well, I am definitely not a coffeeholic. I just drink coffee whenever I want, and the only coffee brand I drink is a domestic Vietnamese brand called Trung Nguyen coffee. It’s popular in Vietnam, and, maybe some other countries as well, though I’m not really sure if even some of my foreign friends know about the brand. Anyway, I only heard about Starbucks when I was still a 16-year-old girl who was curious about the world out there. Starbucks is really famous, of course, for its luxurious, yet wonderful stores, not to mention the drinks and desserts. To be honest, I just want to drink it once to have the taste of the luxury, which I find really hard to get. Up to now, that was the second time I’d drunk coffee at Starbucks. The first time was with my brother and my two cousins who are living abroad. They, of course, have more time and money to go to Starbucks more often than me. The Starbucks store we went to located at a quiet, yet expensive resident. I felt embarrassed when one of my cousins asked me what I usually drank when I went to Starbucks. And because I’d never been there before, what I could answer was I’d never drunk at Starbucks before. And it was too hard for me to choose between dozens of different kinds of coffee: espresso, frappuchino, cappuchino,… At the end, still, one of them chose one for me. It was Caramel Machiatto, if I wasn’t wrong. It was… well, pretty good to me. We sat outside and talked in a while before leaving to the shopping mall.

The second time, well, was at a Starbucks store in Singapore. Wait, what was I doing there? Well, I went abroad with my mom and some of her colleagues. But we didn’t go to Singapore first. We flew to Malaysia, enjoyed three days at Kualar Lumpur and went straight to Singapore. For the rush of time, and my mom didn’t really understand why I like Starbucks so much, as well as how coffee could be that expensive and “tasteless”, she agreed to buy me a medium cup of coffee and a beautiful Starbucks ceramic cup, you know the one used to contain drinks. Anyway the coffee was great, though after that mom and me had to spend all our breakfast on nothing, due to the weird chemical reactions between Starbucks and breakfast, or maybe just because the breakfast at our hotel was not very good. Usually people will post photos of Starbucks up here, but unfortunately I couldn’t really take any of them, due to the rush schedule. Anyway, still got ceramic cups from Starbucks yay!