My 2017 plan…

Made on 2015, pending on 2016, still pending till now…


  1. Get a job.
  2. Find the true meaning of life.
  3. Get rid of harmful things.
  4. Stop doing silly things (writing fanfics, reading them blah blah)
  5. Focus on getting the scholarship.
  6. Get along better.
  7. Take good care of yourself.
  8. Stop falling in love with many boys (girls).
  9. Stop being pessimistic.
  10. Have a life.

and so on…


  1. I still don’t want to get a job.
  2. Basically, I don’t have a life, so it’s basically meaningless…
  3. What exactly is the definition of harmful things? If they are things that you think are harmful for you, then I don’t have one, except for bad friends and people I hate, I can do that.
  4. Still, I’m having Writer’s Block, and I currently don’t know when I can get away from it, but trust me, everytime I tell myself to stop, I get ideas, words, stuffs,…
  5. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the scholarship. I even got a bigger problem: 3 of 6 subjects from 1 semester got me into serious debt, 2 of which were for my stupid alarm, and I failed the rest.
  6. After some problems from the past, I decided not to get too close with anyone else but the ones I can really rely on. I can be mean and selfish, but it’s for myself, and I’d do anything to make an end to any harmful relationships, that’s all.
  7. Starting by getting a diet doesn’t seem to be a good choice to me. I never really get the meaning of “diet” in my daily dictionary. Just simply getting a balanced meal with enough food for myself is way much better than just following any kinds of stupid diet. And starting with some beauty stuffs also helps, doesn’t it? Just lip balms and skincare products, that’s all.
  8. I can’t stop. I just simply can’t stop. I love beauties. As long as they’re beauties, I love and admire them all (I’m such a pervert, ain’t I?)
  9. I have nothing much to say about this. Being pessimistic is one of my (extremely) bad habits ever since I was a kid. I was afraid in almost everything. Losing my life, accidents, getting hurt, heartbreaking, getting bad experiences, etc. The only one thing that I risked my life to study so hard is English (and it’s going nowhere)…
  10. Basically, 9 things I listed up there are way too much to tell how pathetic I am in order to get a life. Like I said, I don’t have a life!!!

I studied some French and I kinda like it (pretty much after I studied Japanese), so…