Just stuffs

It’s been a week since I last wrote something interesting. It’s not that I lose interest in this great job. The wi-fi lost so I was disconnected for… hmm… about 3 days (??). Not too long normally, but for me, it was like 3 centuries had jut passed by in a blink. I was wondering whether I became caveman or not. Luckily, not until the Internet lost had I realized how relaxing I was those 3 days. No tabloids, rubbish news from rubbish magazines,… It was just… relaxing. Anyway, a week has just passed, and all I can do now is keep moving forward, looking at the bright future in front. Now that I start missing my handwriting, after a long time using keyboard. But no need to worry, still love the writing here ^_^ The one of many reasons why I write blog is that I want to write things I want to say, without having to actually say it. Not too much huh :v Only one post per week is rather normal right? You know, I have neither much time nor many ideas to write such things. Only something understandable and (maybe) a little bit interesting. What I write may be a little too philosophic, as I read that kind of books a lot (which happens to be Chicken Soup For the Soul. A great series. I’ve had 4 already). I myself don’t even believe that I’m only 17 (or 18? My birthday was on last Monday, I’m not quite sure about this). Out of the topic, I’ve just had my Instagram account! It’s a great step to the world in front. Finally have a place to post stuffs up! Yay!

Thank you for reading this post, and sorry for being out of the topic. Have a fun week! ❤